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Lynette Eldon and Sue Jenkinson tell the story of their early clog dancing experiences for Instep Research:



Duke’s Dandy Clog team started in Retford, Nottinghamshire, in January 1981 after a group of ladies had seen Penny Smith demonstrate step clog dancing at a local ceilidh and wanted to have a go. Penny had learnt with Greenwood Clog in Nottingham and was happy to start a local team – three of the original members are still dancing today.  Two more have been with the side for 20 years or more.  Penny has now emigrated to Folkestone, but still commutes to practices and performances!

The team's first booking was for a fund-raising event for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and the team were dancing in “dandy” – or “Sunday best” – clogs, so that was how the name developed. The team have taken their dancing to community and celebratory events, festivals and workshops both locally, nationally and, some of them, internationally too.

Duke’s Dandy’s original repertoire grew to include step clog dances from the traditions of Lancashire, the North-east, Cumbria, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and USA. For many years Glyn Smith supported the team excellently with his melodeon music, but Ken Watson, from Grimsby, has done a fine job of keeping us in time too.  Some years ago, Duke’s Dandy team joined forces with Green Ginger, from the Hull area - a team with a fine pedigree - and have been sharing knowledge and dances ever since. We have also been joined by Jill, who originally danced with Charnwood Clog, and is from Southwell.

*  for more about the dancing we do, see the About Clog Step Dancing section or check us out on Youtube on the Links page!


  • Green Ginger

    Sue, Lynnette and Wendy dancing as Green Ginger at Beverley Folk Festival

  • Duke's Dandy in 2007

    Slightly changed our kit since then!  At Rufford Abbey courtyard, with Glyn Smith on melodeon.

  • Skipton Clogfest 2013

    Dukes Dandy with Ken Watson and the junior side, Rattlejiggers, based at Leverton Academy and taught by members of Duke's Dandy.  After dancing at Skipton Castle as part of Clogfest on 13th July 2013.

Duke's Dandy dancing at the 2010 Skipton Clogfest which they attended annually for more than a decade.  Sadly no more, this unique festival of step clog dancing brought step clog dancers from all over the country to perform around the town.

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