Who we are

We are Penny Smith, June Pryor, Christine Bradley, Moira Ruff and Barbara Wigg (nee Owers), long time of Duke's Dandy, based in Retford, north Nottinghamshire (although Barbara commutes from nr Sheffield), and Sue Jenkinson, Lynette Eldon and Wendy Bolton, once (and sometimes still) of Green Ginger, a clog side from around Hull area.  And there is also Jill Blackwell, who used to dance with Charnwood Clog in Leicestershire.  So we bring a rich experience of clog dancing to share with each other.

Duke's Dandy no longer holds classes, but the team comes together every so often for a practice and for performances.  They are greatly assisted by their very experienced musician, Ken Watson from Grimsby, on the melodeon, who is often joined by Barbara and David Wigg and Jim Eldon on fiddle.

At times, members of the team can be found giving workshops in clog dancing or individual displays here and there. 

Moira continues occasional workshops in Retford and for the RattleJiggers junior clog team (contact her via Contact Page for details), and provides sessions for young people in local schools - see Rattle Jiggers page.


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